Samsung Galaxy S8 - best review 2019

Samsung Galaxy S8-best review 2019

I'm going to be creating this transparent Samsung Galaxy s8 although I'm not the first person to do this. Now that I own the Galaxy s8 I wanted to give this one a try the result looks amazing, and the device remains fully functional after the modifications were done.

 I recently restored this Galaxy air to fully functional condition.  After I purchased it destroyed from eBay.  But I was looking to take this.  Now stock looking Galaxy s8 and create a unique looking phone. you can install fast file transfer app to this Samsung Galaxy S8. The app name is xshare file transfer apk. download the app from linked web page and install it to your s8 mobile to transfer files super fast.

The first thing I had to do was take off the back glass of the phone, now when I took mine off. It was utterly shattered and required a lot of heat and prying with a metal tool.  Now if yours isn't cracked, you can be a lot more careful and gentler than I was to get mine off and you can use maybe some plastic cards or something to help assist relieving up the back.

Once you get it up a fairway, there is a ribbon cable underneath which you'll need to disconnect. And that is for the fingerprint reader.  But if you do tear that, then you can purchase another one, and it re-installs that. Once I was inside the phone you can see all of the internals in the phone now when I restored the phone a few weeks ago I made sure not to glue the glass panel on too tight. Samsung s8 good for download more videos to your phone because it has nice storage amount. So install Tubemate apk app today.

Because I wouldn't have been able to get it off again so I'd loosely tagged it on and have now removed that again.  And I can now proceed to make that transparent.  Now if you aren't doing this mod, I recommend picking up at least one spare back glass because you run the risk of cracking the glass of trying to do this.

Samsung Galaxy S8 music

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Phone cover coding and hardware

At first, I used my finger.  Now to try and peel up that black sticker on the back.  That was going to take a long time ended up getting the heat gun into it.  After heating it a fair bit, it's nice to smell like burning plastic.  Then you can insert a metal pry tool and start to peel away at that material. Now you want to be very careful not to pry up or down with that or put any pressure on the glass itself.

Because glass is glass and you will crack it. And it will just shatter everywhere.  So you have to go very carefully and slowly when you're doing this process.  You need to remove those before proceeding to remove the plastic from the back of the phone.

After some more heating and prying eyes to get a more significant chunk of the coloring off this whole process is a matter of heat and prying away at the coloring on the back of the phone.  The good thing about this is you don't need to scratch away the coloring as it just peels off in one big chunk.

So as long as you heat it enough, you'll be able to remove that with no troubles.  This transparent mod will work on any colored Galaxy s8 as you have to peel off the coloring. So it doesn't matter regardless of your color this whole process took me around 10 minutes to complete.

 But in the end, I think it was worth the effort I had to put into this pulling the chunk of coloring off the back panel will reveal a completely transparent piece of glass.

Now the beautiful part is the Samsung logo remains on the glass itself. So even though we've ripped the coloring off, it is transparent with the logo which gives the mod a higher quality feels.

Samsung Galaxy S8 battery review

Now you could just put the piece of glass back onto the phone like it. But I wanted to reveal a little bit more of the internals of the device.

Now from the images, I have seen on Google some people took out the wireless charging. And it to work without the wireless charging.  You can't just remove the wireless charging and glue it at the back on the sort of like this.

Because the battery temperature sensor is located on that charging coil, you can modify that and try and make it work, but instead, I wanted to keep my phone fully functional.  So what I did was I went ahead and removed the charging coil or wireless charging from the plastic plate.

That it's attached to its only held in by adhesive. And once you get that removed, there are still two connectors connected to the plate itself using some scissors. I was able to cut around those and leave two screw holes which will allow me to screw this back down to the motherboard.

Once we've completed the mod if you fail to do this your phone will power on. But won't charge there's a significant step to make sure that you leave in the wireless charging and the battery temperature sensor were there modifications to the wireless charging done it's time to fit it back into the phone and make sure our phone is still charging. the battery talking time is amazing so you can use chat apps like gb whatsapp and talk with your friends more hours than other phone models. to get the right apk file click the gb whatsapp download link now.


Samsung Galaxy S8 software upgrade

 If it the phone's not charging after doing this try resetting it. But if worse comes to worst, you can always buy a replacement wireless charging module. Once I can confirm that my phone is fully working and still charging time to reinstall the screws without that plastic plate installed now you want to make sure not to Ram the screws all the way in as there would have been a gap with that plastic shield installed on it. 

 Now after doing the modifications to the plastic shield the power button wasn't functioning. That's because Samsung doesn't use any connectors for their power buttons and volume cables instead they're just pads. So there needs to be pressure on those pads to make a connection so to fix this issue I had to cut another piece out of the plastic shield just a little bit of a square which sits underneath a part of the wireless charging.

And that will apply pressure to the left side of the board which will in turn press down on the pins for the power button. On the other hand, you'll have the primary contacts for the wireless charging.

That helps hold down the right side of the board for the volume controls and Bigsby button now that the buttons are functioning again.

It's time to finish up with the back glass before we go ahead and install it. I need to reinstall the camera bracket and fingerprint reader to the back of the phone.

Give the back glass a good clean now this is exceptionally important to do this. Because once you seal this up, you won't be able to get inside the phone to clean any dust or dirt out after cleaning both the inside of the phone and the glass it's time to reattach the fingerprint reader cable align everything up correctly and press down sealing the glass in place.

what are new features of Samsung Galaxy S8?

S8 comes with latest camera features so you can makes amazing and lovely funny videos using video star app. to download video star app follow the official website.

Make sure when you do this you use new adhesive to prevent the back panel from coming off.  And to help the best seal the phone up from dust dirt. And any moisture and we're done. So this is in a unique custom transparent Galaxy s8 this looks neat, and everything is fully functional from the wireless charging to the phone capabilities of the phone this Mont is not for the faint-hearted and attempt this at your own risk.

But if you have to open your Galaxy s8 for any reason, I would give this mod it go. Just order an extra back glass only in case you damaged one try in the mod. Also keep in mind now that the plastic backing has been removed if you drop the phone in any way and the glass cracks nothing is holding it down and as a result will fall straight out of the phone nevertheless.

This looks amazing. There's a photon. Now we'll be keeping in the collection as I can add it to my custom. And different phone's group and on that note, this has been a vast EFI's video. if you like we just saw hit that subscribes button and considers checking out the custom and mother Tech playlist for more videos and just like this one also makes sure you're following me on my social media link would be down in the description that's all for this video, and I'll catch you guys next time

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